CE EMC LVD FCC commercial ozone unit with timer

CE EMC LVD FCC commercial ozone unit with timer



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      Many clients have a question: Why did you use a transparent shell, their cost is expensive, and your sales price is low, do you have a profit?   We want to tell everyone: We use a transparent shell, yes, this will increase the cost and technical difficulty, our profits will be lower, because we need more sophisticated equipment to complete them, but why do we need to do this??? I can responsibly tell you: we sell more than just a sterilizing machine, it is more of an art; Many factories use stainless steel shell, because they use inferior materials and low output module, they need to cover their bad behavior; of course, we have very low profit, but we are very happy, because this machine is perfect and we need to share a good product to each person, Thanks; BlueOcean wish you a happy life...     PK: Please compare our products, the internal structure is compact, but many businesses sell smaller ozone disinfection equipment; The same ozone output, the same parameters, but their machine shell smaller... Why is that? It is obvious that they sell inferior ozone generating module, they sell 5g machine, but they told us this is 10g machine; smaller machines space will l

Cheap ozon oil, Buy Quality ozone home directly from China ozone red Suppliers: CE EMC LVD FCC commercial ozone unit with timer

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