Electric 3pc thread cf8 1/2 inch mini ball valve

Electric 3pc thread cf8 1/2 inch mini ball valve



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Electric 3pc thread cf8 1/2 inch mini ball valve 
Size: 1/2\'\' & dn15 
Electric actuator: On-off 
Body & bore material: SS304 
Price: $168.00 
Product Summerized:
1)   Pneumatic three pieces welled ball valve small size
      consist of three parts of shells and four bolts from the
      two  ends to clip the middle of body and the ball 
2)   In remove and maintenance do not remove the four bolts
      just remove the four bolts directly then the middle part can be take out .
      Working principle is also through the pneumatic actuators of 90 degrees
      rotation to drive the ball rotation, thus achieved the circulation and blocking of the medium.   
3)  The directly connect of the actuators and body reduced the probability of
      the failure,  it applicable to light industry machinery of small narrow space occasions.
Product Parameter:
Electric   actuators
Type: 1.on/off 2.I/O:4-20MA
Explosion proof electric actuator
EX d BT4 EX d CT6   Regulation type,switch type
AC220V AC110V AC380V     DC12V DC24V DC110V
Nominal diameter
Nominal pressure
Applicable temperature
PTFE:-30~180°C PPL:-30~250°C
3pieces thread type,3pieces weld type,3pieces hoop type
Body structure
three pieces type
Body material
Disc material
Seat lining
Applicable medium
gas,steam,water and oil etc

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