2x Matched PSVANE 805A-T Vacuum Tubes / New

2x Matched PSVANE 805A-T Vacuum Tubes / New



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2x Matched PSVANE 805A-T Vacuum Tubes / New
2x Matched Shuguang PSVANE 805A-T Vacuum Tubes / New
The Psvane T-series tubes are a further development. to pursue the acme the sound performance, sound of vacuum tube series the PSVANE aristocrat uses the import module assembly nearly completely, and has experienced harsh and the long school sound stage, noble, balanced, careful, accurate is its final sound demand. But as the REFERENCE reference level\'s audio frequency product, the sound grasps really with timbre US just right, sound of the PSVANE aristocrat disseminates music, is the noble gas graceful, the extremely rich connotation.
* uses the world at present the highest purity rank anode material manufacture.
* uses the British high density filament material.
* unique cathode base fabrication technology.
* uses after the ultrasonic wave processing gold-plated tube socket;
* completely the senior technician pure hand-planted which experiences by 20 years above.
* Factory Matched and Tested

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