JDM11-4B digital counter meter countdown counter

JDM11-4B digital counter meter countdown counter



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1.Support  countdown counting;
2. Pulse correction factor at input;
3.Two groups of partial count preset;
4. Support input different kinds of signal: Encoder, Optoelectronic switch, Proxisity switch, Hall switch etc.,
  1.it takes humanism and intelligent type as design ides, 
  2.the complete function can meet various   kinds  of occasions \'application
  3. touch swith set ;
  4.set value are separately displayed by  LED ,visual and convenient
  5.it has advanced length counting function that takes plus as modulus and set correspond counting value 
  6. it has the functions of automatic repeat counting  ,
  7.counting alarm in advance and adjustable delay time
  8. multi-shifts counting frequencies are for choice (Contact and impulse counting)
  9.display count :two groups of 4 bit LED
  10.counter range : 1-9999
  11.coefficient set up range :0.001-9.999m
  12.rated voltage :AC110~240V,AC24V,50/60HZ,DC24V;85-110%rated voltage
  13.count mode :add count ,reversible count (3 kinds of methods )
  14.count input :without voltage input ;voltage input H : 4.5~30V ,L:0~2V
  15.count frequency : count input :maximum 30times/s , pulse input :1000times/s reversible count :200times /s
  16.output type :F N R C K1 K2 P Q A D H L
  17.control  output : one point of contact output 
  18.output contact capacity : AC240V 3A resistive load
  19. reset mode :panel , connection termianl ,auto
  20. output power :DC12V+-10

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